Series NB1DC

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Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference182699 NB1-63DC 1P C1A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366674 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182700 NB1-63DC 1P C2A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366681 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182701 NB1-63DC 1P C3A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366698 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182702 NB1-63DC 1P C4A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366704 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182703 NB1-63DC 1P C6A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366711 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182704 NB1-63DC 1P C10A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366728 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182705 NB1-63DC 1P C13A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366735 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182706 NB1-63DC 1P C16A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366742 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182707 NB1-63DC 1P C20A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366759 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182708 NB1-63DC 1P C25A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366766 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182709 NB1-63DC 1P C32A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366773 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182710 NB1-63DC 1P C40A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366780 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182711 NB1-63DC 1P C50A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366797 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference182712 NB1-63DC 1P C63A DC250V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366803 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference182713 NB1-63DC 2P C1A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366810 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182714 NB1-63DC 2P C2A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366827 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182715 NB1-63DC 2P C3A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366834 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182716 NB1-63DC 2P C4A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366841 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182717 NB1-63DC 2P C6A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366858 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182718 NB1-63DC 2P C10A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366865 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182719 NB1-63DC 2P C13A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366872 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182720 NB1-63DC 2P C16A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366889 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182721 NB1-63DC 2P C20A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366896 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182722 NB1-63DC 2P C25A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366902 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182723 NB1-63DC 2P C32A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366919 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182724 NB1-63DC 2P C40A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366926 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182725 NB1-63DC 2P C50A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366933 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference182726 NB1-63DC 2P C63A DC500V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366940 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5C
Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference182727 NB1-63DC 4P C1A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366957 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182728 NB1-63DC 4P C2A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366964 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182729 NB1-63DC 4P C3A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366971 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182730 NB1-63DC 4P C4A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366988 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182731 NB1-63DC 4P C6A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808366995 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182732 NB1-63DC 4P C10A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808367008 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182733 NB1-63DC 4P C13A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808367015 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182734 NB1-63DC 4P C16A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808367022 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182735 NB1-63DC 4P C20A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808367039 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182736 NB1-63DC 4P C25A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808367046 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182737 NB1-63DC 4P C32A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808367053 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182738 NB1-63DC 4P C40A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808367060 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182739 NB1-63DC 4P C50A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808367077 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C
Reference182740 NB1-63DC 4P C63A DC1000V 6KA EAN 13:6925808367084 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5C