Series NH4

Products of the Series NH4

Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family
Reference398037 Isolator NH4 1P 32A EAN 13:6925808314347 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5M
Reference398038 Isolator NH4 1P 63A EAN 13:6925808314354 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5M
Reference398036 Isolator NH4-80108 1P 100A EAN 13:6925808314330 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5M
Reference398032 Isolator NH4-90108 1P 125A EAN 13:6925808314293 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5M
Reference398040 Isolator NH4 2P 32A EAN 13:6925808314378 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5M
Reference398041 Isolator NH4 2P 63A EAN 13:6925808314385 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5M
Reference398039 Isolator NH4-80208 2P 100A EAN 13:6925808314361 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5M
Reference398033 Isolator NH4-90208 2P 125A EAN 13:6925808314309 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5M
Reference398043 Isolator NH4 3P 32A EAN 13:6925808314408 Packaging:60/4 Item Family::F5M
Reference398044 Isolator NH4 3P 63A EAN 13:6925808314415 Packaging:60/4 Item Family::F5M
Reference398042 Isolator NH4-80308 3P 100A EAN 13:6925808314392 Packaging:60/4 Item Family::F5M
Reference398034 Isolator NH4-90308 3P 125A EAN 13:6925808314316 Packaging:60/4 Item Family::F5M
Reference398046 Isolator NH4 4P 32A EAN 13:6925808314439 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5M
Reference398047 Isolator NH4 4P 63A EAN 13:6925808314446 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5M
Reference398045 Isolator NH4 4P100 A EAN 13:6925808314422 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5M
Reference398035 Isolator NH4-90408 4P 125A EAN 13:6925808314323 Packaging:45/3 Item Family::F5M