Modular Device Accessories and Auxiliaries

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Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference184985 Shunt Trip NB1 24Vcc/Vac EAN 13:6925808301200 Packaging:135/9 Item Family::F5C
Reference184984 Shunt Trip NB1 48Vcc/Vac EAN 13:6925808301194 Packaging:135/9 Item Family::F5C
Reference184986 Shunt Trip NB1 230Vca EAN 13:6925808301217 Packaging:135/9 Item Family::F5C
Reference100546 Shunt Trip for Ex9B125 12-24Vca/cc EAN 13:8592765005472 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100545 Shunt Trip for Ex9B125 48Vca/cc EAN 13:8592765005465 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100549 Shunt Trip 1NO/NC for Ex9B125 12-24Vca/cc EAN 13:8592765005502 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100548 Shunt Trip 1NO/1NC for Ex9B125 48Vca/cc EAN 13:8592765005496 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100544 Shunt Trip for Ex9B125 110-415Vca/110V-130Vcc EAN 13:8592765005458 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100547 Shunt Trip 1NO/NC forEx9B125 110-415Vca/110V-130Vcc EAN 13:8592765005489 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference184994 Position Signal Contact for NB1 EAN 13:6925808301330 Packaging:210/14 Item Family::F5C
Reference158999 Position Signal Contact for DZ158 Series EAN 13:6925808301323 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference100541 Signal Contact 1 NO/NC for Ex9B125 EAN 13:8592765005427 Packaging:1/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference184996 Alarm contact for NB1 EAN 13:6925808301347 Packaging:210/14 Item Family::F5C
Reference100540 Auxiliary Contact 1NO/NC for Ex9B125 EAN 13:8592765005410 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100542 Auxiliary Contact 2NO/NC for Ex9B125 EAN 13:8592765005434 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100543 Auxiliary Contact and SigNOl 1NO/NC+1NO/NC for Ex9B125 EAN 13:8592765005441 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference200998 Auxiliary Contact NO/NC for NL1 accesoriable EAN 13:6925808301354 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5C
Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference184974 Under Voltage Release 40VA NB1 230Vca EAN 13:6925808301231 Packaging:135/9 Item Family::F5C
Reference100550 Under Voltage Release for Ex9B125 220-240Vca EAN 13:8592765005519 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100551 Under Voltage Release for Ex9B125 48Vca-cc EAN 13:8592765005526 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100552 Under Voltage Release 1NC for Ex9B125 220-240Vca EAN 13:8592765005533 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100553 Under Voltage Release 1NC for Ex9B125 48Vca-cc EAN 13:8592765005540 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100554 Under Voltage Release 1NO for Ex9B125 220-240Vca EAN 13:8592765005557 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C
Reference100555 Under Voltage Release 1NO for Ex9B125 48Vca-cc EAN 13:8592765005564 Packaging:96/1 Item Family::F5C