Series NB1-CC - Continuous Current Magneto-Thermal Circuit Breakers


1 and 2 pole direct current circuit breakers
Curves: 4~7xln = B; 7~15ln = C
Rated current: from 1 to 63A
Breaking capacity: 10kA (10.000A)

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Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference181198 MCB NB1-CC 1P 1A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364014 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181199 MCB NB1-CC 1P 2A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364021 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference182650 MCB NB1-CC 1P 3A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808366636 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181200 MCB NB1-CC 1P 4A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364045 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181201 MCB NB1-CC 1P 6A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364052 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181202 MCB NB1-CC 1P 10A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364069 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181203 MCB NB1-CC 1P 16A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364076 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181204 MCB NB1-CC 1P 20A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364083 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181205 MCB NB1-CC 1P 25A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364090 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181206 MCB NB1-CC 1P 32A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364106 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181207 MCB NB1-CC 1P 40A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364113 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181208 MCB NB1-CC 1P 50A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364120 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181209 MCB NB1-CC 1P 63A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364137 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181140 MCB NB1-CC 1P 1A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363741 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181141 MCB NB1-CC 1P 2A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363758 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181142 MCB NB1-CC 1P 3A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363765 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181143 MCB NB1-CC 1P 4A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363772 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181144 MCB NB1-CC 1P 6A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363789 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181145 MCB NB1-CC 1P 10A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363796 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181146 MCB NB1-CC 1P 16A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363802 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181147 MCB NB1-CC 1P 20A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363819 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181148 MCB NB1-CC 1P 25A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363826 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181149 MCB NB1-CC 1P 32A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363833 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181150 MCB NB1-CC 1P 40A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363840 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181151 MCB NB1-CC 1P 50A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363857 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference181152 MCB NB1-CC 1P 63A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363864 Packaging:180/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference181210 MCB NB1-CC 2P 1A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364144 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181211 MCB NB1-CC 2P 2A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364151 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181212 MCB NB1-CC 2P 3A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364168 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181213 MCB NB1-CC 2P 4A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364175 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181214 MCB NB1-CC 2P 6A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364182 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181215 MCB NB1-CC 2P 10A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364199 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181216 MCB NB1-CC 2P 16A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364205 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181217 MCB NB1-CC 2P 20A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364212 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181218 MCB NB1-CC 2P 25A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364229 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181219 MCB NB1-CC 2P 32A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364236 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181220 MCB NB1-CC 2P 40A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364243 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181221 MCB NB1-CC 2P 50A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364250 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181222 MCB NB1-CC 2P 63A CC47 10kA EAN 13:6925808364267 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181153 MCB NB1-CC 2P 1A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363871 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181154 MCB NB1-CC 2P 2A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363888 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181155 MCB NB1-CC 2P 3A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363895 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181156 MCB NB1-CC 2P 4A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363901 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181157 MCB NB1-CC 2P 6A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363918 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181158 MCB NB1-CC 2P 10A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363925 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181159 MCB NB1-CC 2P 16A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363932 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181160 MCB NB1-CC 2P 20A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363949 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181161 MCB NB1-CC 2P 25A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363956 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181162 MCB NB1-CC 2P 32A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363963 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181163 MCB NB1-CC 2P 40A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363970 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181164 MCB NB1-CC 2P 50A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363987 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference181165 MCB NB1-CC 2P 63A CC715 10kA EAN 13:6925808363994 Packaging:90/6 Item Family::F5I