Series DZ158 - Automatic Magneto-Thermal Circuit Breakers up to 125A


1 to 4 pole circuit breakers
27 mm width per pole
Curve 8~12xIn
Rated current: 63, 80, 100 and 125A
Breaking capacity: 10kA (10.000A)

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Products of the Series DZ158 - Automatic Magneto-Thermal Circuit Breakers up to 125A

Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family
Reference158088 MCB DZ158-125 1P 63A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318208 Packaging:108/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference158089 MCB DZ158-125 1P 80A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318215 Packaging:108/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference158087 MCB DZ158-125 1P 100A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318192 Packaging:108/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference158107 MCB DZ158-125 1P 125A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318314 Packaging:108/12 Item Family::F5I
Reference158091 MCB DZ158-125 2P 63A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318239 Packaging:54/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference158092 MCB DZ158-125 2P 80A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318246 Packaging:54/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference158090 MCB DZ158-125 2P 100A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318222 Packaging:54/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference158108 MCB DZ158-125 2P 125A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318321 Packaging:54/6 Item Family::F5I
Reference158094 MCB DZ158-125 3P 63A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318260 Packaging:36/4 Item Family::F5I
Reference158095 MCB DZ158-125 3P 80A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318277 Packaging:36/4 Item Family::F5I
Reference158093 MCB DZ158-125 3P 100A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318253 Packaging:36/4 Item Family::F5I
Reference158109 MCB DZ158-125 3P 125A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318338 Packaging:36/4 Item Family::F5I
Reference158097 MCB DZ158-125 4P 63A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318291 Packaging:27/3 Item Family::F5I
Reference158098 MCB DZ158-125 4P 80A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318307 Packaging:27/3 Item Family::F5I
Reference158096 MCB DZ158-125 4P 100A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318284 Packaging:27/3 Item Family::F5I
Reference158110 MCB DZ158-125 4P 125A 10kA EAN 13:6925808318345 Packaging:27/3 Item Family::F5I