Series NC1-Z

Products of the Series NC1-Z

Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family
Reference221437 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NA 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092422455 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221438 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NA 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092422462 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221435 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NA 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092422431 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221436 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NA 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092422448 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221621 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NA 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092423995 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221622 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NA 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092424008 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221619 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NA 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092423971 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221620 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NA 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092423988 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221944 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NA 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092426774 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221945 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NA 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092426781 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221942 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NA 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092426750 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221943 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NA 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092426767 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222130 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NA 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092428334 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222131 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NA 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092428341 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222128 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NA 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092428310 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222129 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NA 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092428327 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221207 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NC 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092411084 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221208 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NC 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092411091 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221205 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NC 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092411060 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221206 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NC 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092411077 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221529 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NC 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092423223 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221530 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NC 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092423230 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221527 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NC 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092423209 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221528 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NC 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092423216 Packaging:30/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221713 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NC 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092424763 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221714 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NC 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092424770 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221711 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NC 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092424749 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221712 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NC 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092424756 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222036 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NC 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092427542 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222037 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NC 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092427559 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222034 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NC 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092427528 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222035 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NC 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092427535 Packaging:20/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222351 Contactor 3P 40A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092430153 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222352 Contactor 3P 40A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092430160 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222349 Contactor 3P 40A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092430139 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222350 Contactor 3P 40A/AC3 1NA+1NC 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092430146 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222572 Contactor 3P 50A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092431976 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222573 Contactor 3P 50A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092431983 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222570 Contactor 3P 50A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092431952 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222571 Contactor 3P 50A/AC3 1NA+1NC 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092431969 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222793 Contactor 3P 65A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092433802 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222794 Contactor 3P 65A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092433819 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222791 Contactor 3P 65A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092433789 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222792 Contactor 3P 65A/AC3 1NA+1NC 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092433796 Packaging:8/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223014 Contactor 3P 80A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092435622 Packaging:4/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223015 Contactor 3P 80A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092435639 Packaging:4/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223012 Contactor 3P 80A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092435608 Packaging:4/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223013 Contactor 3P 80A/AC3 1NA+1NC 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092435615 Packaging:4/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223235 Contactor 3P 95A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vcc EAN 13:6940092437442 Packaging:4/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223236 Contactor 3P 95A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vcc EAN 13:6940092437459 Packaging:4/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223233 Contactor 3P 95A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vcc EAN 13:6940092437428 Packaging:4/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223234 Contactor 3P 95A/AC3 1NA+1NC 220Vcc EAN 13:6940092437435 Packaging:4/1 Item Family::F4I