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Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference221363 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NA 24Vca EAN 13:6940092421861 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221384 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NA 48Vca EAN 13:6940092422073 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221346 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NA 110Vca EAN 13:6940092421694 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference225513 Motor Contactor 3 Main + 1 NO Aux NC1-1210 12A 230V EAN 13:6940092455057 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221372 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NA 400Vca EAN 13:6940092421953 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221550 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NA 24Vca EAN 13:6940092423438 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221568 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NA 48Vca EAN 13:6940092423612 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221532 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NA 110Vca EAN 13:6940092423254 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221544 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NA 230Vca EAN 13:6940092423377 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221559 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NA 400Vca EAN 13:6940092423520 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221870 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NA 24Vca EAN 13:6940092426187 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221891 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NA 48Vca EAN 13:6940092426392 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221852 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NA 110Vca EAN 13:6940092426002 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221864 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NA 230Vca EAN 13:6940092426125 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221879 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NA 400Vca EAN 13:6940092426279 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222056 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NA 24Vca EAN 13:6940092427740 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222077 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NA 48Vca EAN 13:6940092427955 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222039 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NA 110Vca EAN 13:6940092427573 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference225514 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NA 230Vca EAN 13:6940092455064 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222065 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NA 400Vca EAN 13:6940092427832 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221133 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092410490 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221154 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092410704 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221115 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092410315 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221127 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092410438 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221142 Contactor 3P 12A/AC3 1NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092410582 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221455 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092422639 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221476 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092422844 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221440 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092422486 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221449 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092422578 Packaging:63/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221464 Contactor 3P 18A/AC3 1NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092422721 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221639 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092424176 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221660 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092424381 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221624 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092424022 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221633 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092424114 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221648 Contactor 3P 25A/AC3 1NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092424268 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221962 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092426958 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221983 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092427160 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221947 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092426804 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221956 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092426897 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221971 Contactor 3P 32A/AC3 1NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092427047 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference222277 Contactor 3P 40A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092429591 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222298 Contactor 3P 40A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092429775 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222259 Contactor 3P 40A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092429416 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222271 Contactor 3P 40A/AC3 1NA+1NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092429539 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222286 Contactor 3P 40A/AC3 1NA+1NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092429652 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222498 Contactor 3P 50A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092431419 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222519 Contactor 3P 50A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092431594 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222480 Contactor 3P 50A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092431235 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222492 Contactor 3P 50A/AC3 1NA+1NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092431358 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222507 Contactor 3P 50A/AC3 1NA+1NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092431471 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222719 Contactor 3P 65A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092433239 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222740 Contactor 3P 65A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092433420 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222701 Contactor 3P 65A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092433055 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222713 Contactor 3P 65A/AC3 1NA+1NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092433178 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222728 Contactor 3P 65A/AC3 1NA+1NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092433307 Packaging:16/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222940 Contactor 3P 80A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092435066 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222961 Contactor 3P 80A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092435240 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222922 Contactor 3P 80A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092434885 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222934 Contactor 3P 80A/AC3 1NA+1NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092435004 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222949 Contactor 3P 80A/AC3 1NA+1NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092435127 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223161 Contactor 3P 95A/AC3 1NA+1NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092436889 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223182 Contactor 3P 95A/AC3 1NA+1NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092437060 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223143 Contactor 3P 95A/AC3 1NA+1NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092436704 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223155 Contactor 3P 95A/AC3 1NA+1NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092436827 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223170 Contactor 3P 95A/AC3 1NA+1NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092436940 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference221225 Contactor 4P 12A/AC3 0NA/0NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092420635 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221246 Contactor 4P 12A/AC3 0NA/0NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092420840 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221210 Contactor 4P 12A/AC3 0NA/0NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092420482 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221219 Contactor 4P 12A/AC3 0NA/0NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092420574 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221234 Contactor 4P 12A/AC3 0NA/0NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092420727 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221731 Contactor 4P 25A/AC3 0NA/0NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092424947 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221752 Contactor 4P 25A/AC3 0NA/0NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092425159 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221716 Contactor 4P 25A/AC3 0NA/0NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092424794 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221725 Contactor 4P 25A/AC3 0NA/0NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092424886 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221740 Contactor 4P 25A/AC3 0NA/0NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092425036 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222148 Contactor 4P 40A/AC3 0NA/0NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092428518 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222169 Contactor 4P 40A/AC3 0NA/0NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092428693 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222133 Contactor 4P 40A/AC3 0NA/0NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092428365 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222142 Contactor 4P 40A/AC3 0NA/0NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092428457 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222157 Contactor 4P 40A/AC3 0NA/0NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092428570 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222369 Contactor 4P 50A/AC3 0NA/0NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092430337 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222390 Contactor 4P 50A/AC3 0NA/0NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092430511 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222354 Contactor 4P 50A/AC3 0NA/0NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092430184 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222363 Contactor 4P 50A/AC3 0NA/0NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092430276 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222378 Contactor 4P 50A/AC3 0NA/0NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092430399 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222590 Contactor 4P 65A/AC3 0NA/0NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092432157 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222611 Contactor 4P 65A/AC3 0NA/0NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092432331 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222575 Contactor 4P 65A/AC3 0NA/0NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092432003 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222584 Contactor 4P 65A/AC3 0NA/0NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092432096 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222599 Contactor 4P 65A/AC3 0NA/0NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092432218 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221314 Contactor 2NA+2NC 12A/AC3 24Vca EAN 13:6940092421403 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference222811 Contactor 4P 80A/AC3 0NA/0NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092433987 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222832 Contactor 4P 80A/AC3 0NA/0NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092434168 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222796 Contactor 2NA+2NC 80A/AC3 110Vca EAN 13:6940092433833 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222805 Contactor 4P 80A/AC3 0NA/0NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092433925 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222820 Contactor 4P 80A/AC3 0NA/0NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092434045 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223032 Contactor 4P 95A/AC3 0NA/0NC 24Vca EAN 13:6940092435806 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223053 Contactor 4P 95A/AC3 0NA/0NC 48Vca EAN 13:6940092435981 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223017 Contactor 4P 95A/AC3 0NA/0NC 110Vca EAN 13:6940092435653 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223026 Contactor 4P 95A/AC3 0NA/0NC 230Vca EAN 13:6940092435745 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223041 Contactor 4P 95A/AC3 0NA/0NC 400Vca EAN 13:6940092435868 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222895 Contactor 2NA+2NC 80A/AC3 24Vca EAN 13:6940092434670 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222916 Contactor 2NA+2NC 80A/AC3 48Vca EAN 13:6940092434854 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222880 Contactor 2NA+2NC 80A/AC3 110Vca EAN 13:6940092434526 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222889 Contactor 2NA+2NC 80A/AC3 230Vca EAN 13:6940092434618 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222904 Contactor 2NA+2NC 80A/AC3 400Vca EAN 13:6940092434731 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223116 Contactor 2NA+2NC 95A/AC3 24Vca EAN 13:6940092436490 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223101 Contactor 2NA+2NC 95A/AC3 110Vca EAN 13:6940092436346 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223110 Contactor 2NA+2NC 95A/AC3 230Vca EAN 13:6940092436438 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference223125 Contactor 2NA+2NC 95A/AC3 400Vca EAN 13:6940092436551 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference Description EAN 13 Packaging Item Family:
Reference221335 Contactor 2NA+2NC 12A/AC3 48Vca EAN 13:6940092421618 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221299 Contactor 2NA+2NC 12A/AC3 110Vca EAN 13:6940092421250 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221308 Contactor 2NA+2NC 12A/AC3 230Vca EAN 13:6940092421342 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221323 Contactor 2NA+2NC 12A/AC3 400Vca EAN 13:6940092421496 Packaging:50/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221820 Contactor 2NA+2NC 25A/AC3 24Vca EAN 13:6940092425715 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221841 Contactor 2NA+2NC 25A/AC3 48Vca EAN 13:6940092425920 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221805 Contactor 2NA+2NC 25A/AC3 110Vca EAN 13:6940092425562 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221814 Contactor 2NA+2NC 25A/AC3 230Vca EAN 13:6940092425654 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference221829 Contactor 2NA+2NC 25A/AC3 400Vca EAN 13:6940092425807 Packaging:32/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222232 Contactor 2NA+2NC 40A/AC3 24Vca EAN 13:6940092429201 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222253 Contactor 2NA+2NC 40A/AC3 48Vca EAN 13:6940092429386 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222217 Contactor 2NA+2NC 40A/AC3 110Vca EAN 13:6940092429058 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222226 Contactor 2NA+2NC 40A/AC3 230Vca EAN 13:6940092429140 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222241 Contactor 2NA+2NC 40A/AC3 400Vca EAN 13:6940092429263 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222453 Contactor 2NA+2NC 50A/AC3 24Vca EAN 13:6940092431020 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222474 Contactor 2NA+2NC 50A/AC3 48Vca EAN 13:6940092431204 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222438 Contactor 2NA+2NC 50A/AC3 110Vca EAN 13:6940092430870 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222447 Contactor 2NA+2NC 50A/AC3 230Vca EAN 13:6940092430962 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222462 Contactor 2NA+2NC 50A/AC3 400Vca EAN 13:6940092431082 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222674 Contactor 2NA+2NC 65A/AC3 24Vca EAN 13:6940092432843 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222695 Contactor 2NA+2NC 65A/AC3 48Vca EAN 13:6940092433024 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222659 Contactor 2NA+2NC 65A/AC3 110Vca EAN 13:6940092432690 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222668 Contactor 2NA+2NC 65A/AC3 230Vca EAN 13:6940092432782 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I
Reference222683 Contactor 2NA+2NC 65A/AC3 400Vca EAN 13:6940092432904 Packaging:12/1 Item Family::F4I