Established in 2019, Chint Ireland is committed to introducing and growing Chint's high-quality products to the Irish market. All of the Chint products conform to the regulatory specifications in the Irish market. 

Initially focused on the low voltage sector, Chint Ireland has now expanded its range to photovoltaic and medium and high voltage products.

Chint's commitment to quality has resulted in its products being used by some of the world's largest and most successful companies. These include Coca Cola, Lego, Samsung, Hitachi and Emerson, and significant European projects, including the Helsinki Metro. 

The high standards which Chint products conform to have made them vital components in a wide range of industries such as Telecommunications, Digital Media, Retail, Hospitality, Air Conditioning and Energy Solution Equipment.

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Chint Ireland is the official Irish importer and distributor of the Chint Group. The renewed commitment of a worldwide reference brand has managed to create a highly professionalised team in charge of providing global solutions in Ireland.

We offer solutions for energy management, transmission and distribution of electricity. As part of the Chint Group in Ireland, we continue to research and innovate to provide a wide range of products that offer great value to our customers.

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You can learn more about our products by visiting our warehouse located at our headquarters in Dublin.

You can arrange a visit with your local representative:

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We have more than 500 product lines in our logistics centre located in Dublin, from where we serve our customers.

With a capacity of more than 350 m2, we offer a same-day despatch/collection service.